Sleep of Monsters: Produces reason CD (original Finnish pressing)


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Original Finnish pressing from 2013.


Holy Holy Holy
Nihil Nihil Nihil
Abomination Street
Murder She Wrote
Our Savage God
Horses Of The Sun
Through A Mirror Darkly
Cobwebs Of Your Mind
Magic Without Tears

(…) wildly charismatic carnival of muscular gothic rock, Ike’s powerhouse baritone dominating proceedings with great authority as dark melodies twinkle menacingly in the foreground. (…) Forget the empty-headed, kohl-eyed pretenders, these monsters are as real as the dark is undying. Metal Hammer (UK)

(…) bona fide goth rock classics in waiting, near-perfect slabs of hysteria-inducing absinthe-soaked triumph (…) there are only so many ways of saying ‘this is bloody brilliant and you need to get out and buy it quick smart! Metal as Fuck (AU)

Rarely has such a complex engine and exemplary arrangement created something so easy to grasp; this is so radio friendly and yet so much more that it truly deserves the word ‘subversive’. Imagine The Devil’s Blood having penned a four minute chart breaker rooted to this world, with integrity intact, and you’re drinking in the same bar as Sleep Of Monsters (…) Meetings like this don’t come every year. This one is special.  Ave Noctum (UK)

Ike Vil puts himself and Sleep Of Monsters at a level that is only achieved by the greatest artists on earth. Think of Scott Walker, Richard Hawley and Peter Steele. Lords of Metal (NL)

(…) this album is a winner (…) SOM have crafted a very polished record with a unique style that contains plenty of emotional depth without ever becoming mawkish. The excellent lyrics (…) are the icing on the red velvet cake. Angry Metal Guy (US)



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